Koala’s Log – 003

Greetings Fellow Koallians! Hope you had a super Farter’s Day! Thanks to everyone for your support following the launch of our demo. The response has been just fantastic and all the comments and feedback is greatly appreciated! Here’s the update: Crowdfunding We may reconsider the start date for the crowdfunding campaign. Originally slated for SeptemberContinue reading “Koala’s Log – 003”

Captain’s log – 001

The journey A pot of coffee brewed in the kitchen. Another late night of coding. Oh wait, it’s actually the 6am. That was a quick but productive night! Thankfully, there weren’t too many all-nighters but when you’re working on your baby, your dream and having fun at the same time; time just flies by! DevelopmentContinue reading “Captain’s log – 001”