The Beginning

It was a dark and stormy night. No, actually, it was a warm summer’s day in Peru. My family and I were on an extended vacation, a sabbatical. We had travelled in a RV for a several weeks and then decided to take plane to South America. It was during this trip that I got an idea. Let’s make a video game!

Hi, my name Stephan “Darknight” Ricard, and I’m the game designer and lead programmer for The Koala Rebellion and Kilzemol Games. This is the story of how the Koala Rebellion was born, or rather how it spawned into existence.

In the beginning the Earth was void and then I was born 😊. As a young teenager, I was fascinated by computers and more specifically, computer games. We had a computer (I have no idea what make it was), we had the ColecoVision and then eventually my first PC. The first game that I was absolutely in love with was Space Quest 3. What a beautiful game! The graphics were just awesome, the effects blew my mind, and the story was insane. I was hooked! My two brothers and I would play these adventure puzzle games all night long. We played and finished all the Space Quests, some Police Quest, Maniac Mansion, Eric the unready, Another World, the list goes on and on. Adventure and puzzles! That lead me on the path to study computer sciences and programming. I always dreamt of having a software company; it would be called “Megatron Inc.”.

In reality, life turned out quite differently. I was a programmer for twelve years and then an IT manager for another twelve. I never started a software company; I was just too busy, or it never became a priority. Somewhere along the line, in 2018, I had enough, I needed a break. So, we started planning a sabbatical and, in the summer of 2019, we took off on our journey. It was during this trip that the idea came to me; why not make a game. I had started a game for the iPhone called ‘Hank Swanker saves the world’. However, the platform never felt right. One day, my son showed me a game called ‘Undertale’ that was developed in GameMaker Studio. It was a fun RPG with a retro feel. At that moment, something popped in my mind (I assume some neurons died!).

“I want to make a video game! An adventure game with puzzles. A funny adventure game with puzzles!”

I wanted to create a game that could let another generation live an adventure like the ones I had with my brothers but also let kids of the 80’s and 90’s rekindle those feelings as well. But what could the story be? I needed a crazy idea. I needed a cute, cuddly, inoffensive villain that could threaten humanity’s existence! What could it be? A Koala bear of course!

Stuck in Peru because of the pandemic, the development had started and has now grown into the beautiful game that we see today. Now back home in Canada, the game has progressed quite nicely. The demo isn’t quite ready yet, but it soon will be. Stay tuned! Sign-up, share, like, spread the word!


Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Published by xdknightx

Game Designer and Lead Developer for the Koala Rebellion and Kilzemol Games.

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