Captain’s log – 001

The journey

A pot of coffee brewed in the kitchen. Another late night of coding. Oh wait, it’s actually the 6am. That was a quick but productive night! Thankfully, there weren’t too many all-nighters but when you’re working on your baby, your dream and having fun at the same time; time just flies by! Development started in March, 2020 and since then more than 400 hours have been spent coding the engine and demo for The Koala Rebellion. This is time spent during the early mornings, late evenings, weekends, between homework sessions with the kids and working another job full time. Really, it has been a fun ride and the journey has just started.

Size does matter!

When planning for the demo, so many ideas were born, so many characters, such wackiness, so many jokes. As a gamer and entrepreneur, I wanted to make the best product ever. I wanted to include the best scenes and the best quality game play. At the same time, I wanted to have fun making the darn thing but also, and most importantly, I wanted people to have a memorable experience playing it. Having fun and making people laugh is, after all, the endgame. That said, having spent hundreds of hours putting this thing together, there has to be a limit to what you can pack into such a pleasurable package. Too small, and the experience is, let’s say, forgettable. Too big, if there is such a thing, well, you’ll never be done making the game. And really, that’s it, this isn’t the game. It’s just the demo. A teaser of things to come, like foreplay. And at some point you have to stop the preliminaries and get down to business. What does that mean? It just means that the demo doesn’t include all the things I originally wanted to include. Does that mean the demo sucks? Blaspheme! The demo is awesome dude! It just doesn’t contain all the rooms or scenes I originally wanted to. But, have no fear young Padawan, you’ll still get some good play time out of it, I guarantee it!

So, what is in the package?

You get a fully playable demo that’s what! You’ll play the human hero, living on the world of Qerona (pronounced Kerona or Corona). You’ll explore the world. You’ll die once, twice, maybe more if you don’t pay attention to the game’s subtle warnings. You’ll try, and try again, to get all 48 points. You’ll notice the graphics are beautifully-retro. The gameplay is smooth. The music and effects are on spot. What’s not in the package you ask? Well, save games haven’t been developed at this point.  Not because it’s complex but rather because it’s not required for the demo.  Also, there isn’t an option menu. That means you’ll have to listen to the sound effects and music, and you’ll play the game fullscreen at 1920×1080. Other than that, you’ll get the full playing experience.

What’s the plan after the demo?

After the demo comes the crowdfunding. But that’s another story…

Captain out.

Published by xdknightx

Game Designer and Lead Developer for the Koala Rebellion and Kilzemol Games.

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