Koala’s Log – 002

Happy Friday to All!!!

DK here! It’s been a while since the last post which means we’ve been busy. The demo was released to a small group of followers and the feedback has been positive and most importantly very constructive. Thanks to everyone for playing and taking the time to respond with your comments!

In the past few weeks, we’ve been incorporating this constructive feedback into the game which will provide players with a more enjoyable gaming experience! The next version of the demo will be release to the public via the website so stay tuned and spread the word!

Finally, we continue to plan for the crowdfunding campaign and it seems the stars are aligning for a September launch. It’s just so much fun working on this game, it would be awesome if I could do this fulltime 🙂 A dream turning into reality….


Now back to work….

Published by xdknightx

Game Designer and Lead Developer for the Koala Rebellion and Kilzemol Games.

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