Koala’s Log – 003

Greetings Fellow Koallians!

Hope you had a super Farter’s Day!

Thanks to everyone for your support following the launch of our demo. The response has been just fantastic and all the comments and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Here’s the update:


We may reconsider the start date for the crowdfunding campaign. Originally slated for September 21st, we may launch in October. We’ll keep you updated as we progress. There’s currently a debate in designing the campaign around providing physical rewards and shipping them across the world. This seems to be quite costly.

Any thoughts from the community around physical rewards vs digital rewards?

Game Design

We’ll be adding difficulty modes in the game; Easy and Hard. The Easy mode will come with hints that will take away all of the pixel hunting and possibly make some puzzles easier. This mode will allow players to focus on the story and the comedy. The Hard mode, will take away the hints and will make the game substantially harder for fans of puzzles and pixel hunting.


The game will continue to include the hero trying to save the human race but will also include Fred, trying to destroy it. The player will progress, equally and automatically switching from hero to villain, until both meet at the end and YOU, the player, will decide who is victorious and will influence the outcome of the sequel!

Please continue to spread the word, THE KOALA IS COMING!

Gotta run!

Published by xdknightx

Game Designer and Lead Developer for the Koala Rebellion and Kilzemol Games.

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